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Hello and Welcome

My name is Genette and I am a dance instructor.  I have been teaching for over 20 years and have the privilege of working with couples for their first dance over the last 7 years.  
When I'm not working with my couples I am with my husband and 2 girls.  You can find us at home most of the time cooking in the kitchen, having friends over or listening to music and dancing.  I'm also the co-owner with my husband of Lynchburg Salsa and we love being able to work and teach together.
My most recent adventure is that I will be opening up a dance hall in Downtown Lynchburg called Easy Speak Dance Hall & Events where we will offer dance of all styles and the opportunity to rent out the space for private events, including weddings and receptions.

Photo Credit: Meridith De Avila Khan, photographer & writer

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