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Toni- Lessons for her and her husband for sons wedding

We wanted to understand the foundations of dancing together better for our son's wedding. Mission accomplished. Even though we are both control freaks, super sarcastic, and afraid of looking dumb Genette was able to cut through all that and really help us connect. We had three lessons that were a blast and dancing at the wedding was more fun than it has ever been! Worth every penny. Thank you Genette!

Emily- First Dance Lessons

My now-husband and I booked three sessions with Genette Dahlby during the month before our wedding because we wanted to do more than just sway during our first dance, but we’re terrible dancers. Genette helped us so much by teaching us the basics of the rumba plus providing custom choreography to the song of our choice. Our first dance went so well as a result, and as a bonus, we feel so much more confident dancing together at other weddings we attend. I’d highly recommend Genette if you’re looking for wedding first dance lessons!

MacNair- First Dance Lessons

We had so much fun working with Genette prior to our wedding! We had limited dance experience and wanted to become competent in ballroom-style dance so that our wedding's "first dance" would be successful. She was kind, patient, and easy to work with during our lessons. She understood our personalities quickly and tailored her instruction to fit our needs. And I think our dance went great! I highly recommend her services.

Kathleen- First Dance Lessons

My husband and I used them to help prepare for the first dance on our wedding day. To say this couple is incredible is an understatement. They made us feel so confident on our wedding day and picked out the perfect dance for us. Highly recommend this great couple!

Heather- Group lesson during cocktail hour at wedding

Highly recommend! We had such a wonderful time at our reception and our guests did too because of the dance lesson given by Genette! Really enjoyed and had a fun night!

Hailey- First Dance Lessons

Genette helped make our first dance so special and loved by us and our guests! Not only that, but she made the process of learning so fun! She made learning and refining our dance easy with the way she would adjust her teaching to each of us. She was also very helpful even before we started lessons. We may have made a few mistakes in our routine on our wedding day lol, but thanks to her teaching, our guests were non the wiser. We are also excited to use our new skills in any dance setting we find ourselves :) Having her as an instructor was a great experience and I would definitely recommend learning from her!

Sam- First Dance Lessons

My wife and I had the privilege to have Genette as our dance instructor for our wedding routine. We loved taking dance lessons with Genette due to her friendly attitude, excellent teaching skills, and her clear direction for our lessons. We loved her mentality of not only helping our big day, but teaching us how to actually dance for a life time; which we needed desperately. Needless to say, Genette was an absolute JOY to take lessons from. The only sad part is, that we can't take more lessons due to us moving from the Lynchburg area. We highly recommend Genette for your special day, next dance, or just for a great time.

Christina- Lessons for a trip

My husband and I had such a wonderful time learning salsa with Genette! She made salsa fun and easy to learn. We wanted to learn salsa for our upcoming Puerto Trip and her lesson made us much more confident on the dance floor. She even taught us a little bachata and merengue! We are so excited to take more lessons with Genette at her new studio!

Bob and Mary- Date Lessons for a Wedding

Our dance lessons were so much fun. Genette could not have been more patient with us. The YouTube video clips were incredibly helpful as we practiced. We were able to dance more confidently at the big event. Thank you!

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